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    7.7 Million

    Number of Australians between ages 25 and 64 who are expected to be “retire ready.”


    Amount in the average Australian worker’s superannuation account.


    Recommended superannuation allowance for couples to be able to retire comfortably.

    5.1 Million

    Number of Australians unlikely to have enough money for a comfortable retirement.

    Are You Ready for Retirement?

    54% of Australians reported superannuation/annuity/allocated pension as their main source of income at retirement.
    But with life expectancy (and costs) rising, do you know how much money you really need to fuel the lifestyle you want?

    Only 22% Believe Their Superannuation Fund Will Be Enough

    The #1 determining factor for retirement for both men and women in Australia? Financial security.

    Unfortunately, many older Australians are worried they won’t have enough cash to support them through retirement, with 9% of Baby Boomers afraid they won’t be able to retire at all.

    More Australians Than Ever Will Work Past Age 70

    Australians’ uncertainty about their financial future is reflected in their plans to work longer than any previous generation.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians age 45 or older who say they will not retire before 70 has increased from 8% to 22% in the last decade.

    Women Are Less Likely to Be Ready to Retire Than Men

    According to the Retire Ready Index, 21% of single females are expected to be financially prepared for retirement compared to 31% of single males.

    Factors influencing this include lower average income, career breaks and maternity leave, as well as longer life expectancies.

    It’s Time to Stop Working Harder for Your Money And Start Making Your Money Work for You

    Never confuse movement with progress, because you can run in place and never get anywhere.
    – Denzel Washington

    Planning for retirement is a team sport.

    Balancing life and work is stressful enough, not to mention making sure you have enough money set aside to live comfortably and leave a legacy for your family.

    That’s why we put together the #1 Financial Planning event of the year.

    You’ll get to learn from our team’s financial expert and strategist who is on your side as he’ll speak on financial principles, like superannuation, debt reduction, and investment strategies — in plain English.

    At this free event, you’ll learn actionable strategies to meet your money goals as well as common pitfalls to avoid to ensure you’re prepared for a long, enjoyable retirement. Whether retirement is just around the corner or still years away, you’ll walk away with the clarity and action plan you need to make it stress free.

    You work hard. You pay your taxes. And you deserve to retire with dignity.

    The Retirement You’ve Been
    Dreaming of is Just One Event Away

    Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn
    at This Exclusive, Eye-Opening Event:

    How to pay less tax and use your savings to fund investments…
    A simple way to DOUBLE the amount in your superannuation account by the time you retire…
    Debt reduction and how you can eliminate credit card debt and personal loans to start creating wealth…
    How to ensure YOU always get paid first… and how to protect yourself and your assets from unexpected events…
    The backwards secret to making more money without working more hours…
    Investing Made Easy: Discover why you should always invest first and spend later… and how to do it even if you’re on a budget…
    And how to leave a legacy long after you’re gone…

    What to Expect

    Actionable Information

    What brings success in sports?
    Discipline, passion, commitment, and hard work.When you think about how much preparation and action goes into one 80-minute game, how much more must be required for 25 years of retirement?That’s why we’ve packed this free seminar with 2 full hours of actionable content proven to help you squeeze the most out of your golden years, starting right now. You’ll walk out of the hotel with a notebook (or tablet) full of actionable strategies that you can apply as soon as you get home!

    Newfound Clarity

    It’s easy to feel all alone and at the mercy of big banks when you think about your financial situation. There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to becoming financially free and retiring wealthy. On top of that, our constantly changing economic environment makes it difficult to secure your financial future.This educational event is designed to take away your fears, answer your questions, and give you the clarity you need to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We’ll show you how to meet your money goals and set yourself up for financial security.

    Your Retirement Team

    You’ll get access to a team that can help you meet your money goals and elevate your future. Unlike big superannuation companies and banks, Loftus Wealth’s team of experts are dedicated to truthfulness and upfront transparency. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to improve your current financial situation while building a future of freedom. You work hard. And you deserve to live the life you want with your loved ones. We’re experts who can help make that dream a reality.

    What People Are Saying

    Informative and well presented, go in with an open mind as you can learn a lot from it.

    A very thought-provoking talk. Friendly yet informative information. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to change their financial situation.

    Informative seminar that makes you think about your financial security. Time well spent.


    If you were looking to buy an investment property, consolidate your home loan or increase your superannuation it would be worthwhile attending.

    Worthwhile and interesting for all age groups. Knowledgeable and up to date information.

    Great content which gives great insight into wealth creation and was easy to understand.

    Your Retirement Dream

    You don’t have to stay stuck in the rat race forever. Start your journey to a comfortable retirement with a complete team on your side.

    Join Loftus Wealth, as we help you uncomplicate investing, demystify retirement, and achieve a financial “immortal” status by creating a legacy for your family.

    Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.
    - Denzel Washington

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